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Masonry Heaters

Also known as "Russian fireplaces," "Russian stoves," "tile stoves," "kachelofens" and "Finnish fireplaces," masonry heaters have been used throughout Europe and Scandinavia for centuries. They operate under the basic principle that the masonry creates a thermal mass by absorbing the heat from a hot, rapid-burning fire, then slowly and evenly radiates the stored heat into your home for twelve to twenty-four hours. Often, one hot fire a day is all that is needed to heat your home for a twenty-four hour period.

With proper usage and design, masonry heaters produce almost no wood smoke emissions, and no creosote. Because wood is a renewable source of energy, there is no contribution to the greenhouse effect, making masonry heaters an ideal clean burning system and alternate source of heat for your home.

Masonry Heater Diagram
Masonry Heater

Masonry heaters are safe and efficient, often achieving efficiencies of 85% or greater, according to the Masonry Heater Association of North America (MHA).

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